Playmobil® 4265: Jewelry robbers set introducing Sly & Eve

Playmobil 4265: jewelry robbers set

Playmobil® 4265 (“Jewelry Robbers Set”) introduces 2 new friends of Pete & Rob: Sly (right) and Eve (left).
Eve is the first female criminal in Playmobil’s growing “gangster world” after Playmobil® 4268 (with Pete’s brother Ross), Playmobil® 4157 (with Pete’s cousin Clint) & Playmobil® 3136 (Pete’s brother Jake). It all started with Playmobil® 3161 (Pete & Rob), of course.

Playmobil® 4265 contains some awesome features:

It’s not easy to rob the crown from Karl-August XI. as the exhibit has an alarm function!

In order to rob the crown without activating the alarm, Sly & Eve use a glass cutter!

Playmobil 4265 - glass cutter

Once they have cut the hole, Sly can easily “fish” the crown with his fishing rod.

Playmobil 4265 - fishing rod & glass cutter

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