Playmobil 4168 Advent Calendar

This year’s Playmobil Advent Calendar introduced a new member of the Pete & Rob family: Rob’s cousin Nick! The Advent Calender itself is featuring a complete play scene after 24 days and contains some extra surprises.¬†

Playmobil 4168 Nick Advent Calendar

The play scene is situated in an Egyptian Museum: Among others you will find a sarcophagus, a skeleton (!) and other treasures that you also can find in real museums. Be careful or you will be bitten by a snake or a scorpion!

Playmobil 4168 Snake, scorpion and skeleton

Nick with bike and police officer in car:

Playmobil 4168

One of the highlights is the motion detector and the wind up police car. Check yourself in this short video:

Of course you will find decent gadgets like a torch, a machine gun, handcuffs or an ancient axe.

Playmobil 4168 Gadgets

More Pictures from Playmobil 4168:


And another one…


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