New Playmobil Wallpaper for Mac/PC

We added 2 new Desktop Wallpaper!

Playmobil Desktop Wallpaper
“Meet the Family”

Both are about the Pete & Rob gangster family.

Both show the huge Playmobil gangster we collected so far: Pete, Rob, Eve, Sly, Nick, Clint, Ross, Josh, Jake and Mickey.

We also added the “Playmobil Musicians Wallpapers” that were only available for smartphone and tablet so far.

Nick was finally added to the “The Playmobil® 360° Experience“!

Re-Mastered Adventures: In Love & Waiting For Godot

We re-mastered 2 stop motion episodes!

Playmobil Waiting For Godot
Pete & Rob are “Waiting For Godot”

Check out the new versions here:

Why are we re-mastering episodes? Well, we started in 2003 with a fairly low-budget camera (most stuff with Pete & Rob is low-budget BTW…). Some episodes do not present the quality we want to offer on this website. … And it’s fun to re-master the episodes from years ago. :)

Relaunch, Pinterest & Shorty

Relaunch Pete & Rob Playmobil® 3161

We did it! We relaunched our website and are now a fully responsive website. That means that you can watch on all your devices, either PC/Mac or iPhone/smartphone or iPad/tablet.
Don’t forget to bookmark us right on your Homescreen!

We started to pin our stuff on Pinterest!
Please feel free to follow us there and/or re-pin our stuff.
Awesome #2.

Shorty was introduced to our Playmobil© 360° experience.
Awesome #3.