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New Playmobil Wallpaper for Mac/PC

We added 2 new Desktop Wallpaper!

Playmobil Desktop Wallpaper
“Meet the Family”

Both are about the Pete & Rob gangster family.

Both show the huge Playmobil gangster we collected so far: Pete, Rob, Eve, Sly, Nick, Clint, Ross, Josh, Jake and Mickey.

We also added the “Playmobil Musicians Wallpapers” that were only available for smartphone and tablet so far.

Nick was finally added to the “The Playmobil® 360° Experience“!

Playmobil® 4265: Jewelry robbers set introducing Sly & Eve

Playmobil 4265: jewelry robbers set

Playmobil® 4265 (“Jewelry Robbers Set”) introduces 2 new friends of Pete & Rob: Sly (right) and Eve (left).
Eve is the first female criminal in Playmobil’s growing “gangster world” after Playmobil® 4268 (with Pete’s brother Ross), Playmobil® 4157 (with Pete’s cousin Clint) & Playmobil® 3136 (Pete’s brother Jake). It all started with Playmobil® 3161 (Pete & Rob), of course.

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Playmobil® 3136: Super Set introducing Pete’s brother Jake

Playmobil 3136 - 1
Playmobil continues introducing family members from Pete: In Super Set Playmobil® 3136 it’s Pete’s other brother Jake!
Playmobil 4268 already introduced Pete’s brother Ross, whereas Playmobil 4157 was all about Pete’s cousin Clint.
So now we have the Super Set with the other brother Jake. 😉

The Super Set is super indeed! It contains a whole crime scene or rather the securing of evidence.
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