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Playmobil Websites: JustForKlicks.com

Playmobil website: JustForClicks.com

The self-proclaimed nutters Sylvia and David “take full responsibility for all content on” JustForKlicks.com. LOL! 😉
Pete & Rob like JustForClicks.com, b/c:
a) you can find wonderful Playmobil wallpapers there. (Our favorite is “At the Tate”)
b) it contains very funny picture stories. (Our favorite is “Desperately Seeking the Serpent”)
c) it has an own category for Playmobil keychains! (Which must have definitely sth. to do with being a nutter… :))
d) Sylvia & David seem to be Scots (and we have our own experiences with Scots…)

JustForClicks.com is actually one of the first Playmobil websites we discovered when starting PeteAndRob.com.
Go there and spend some time!

Playmobil Websites: Playmobeach.com

Playmobeach.com - The Beach where Playmobil is surfin’ the Web
Actually Playmobeach.com is a fun idea: It is a website with some kind of directory of all Playmobil fan websites in the web.
Of course, you can find Pete & Rob here as well! But also #92 other websites that deal with Playmobil. We couldn’t believe that there were so many different websites on Playmobil: forums, galleries, films, some in Chinese that we don’t know what they are really about…

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